BBQ Buffet – 16 course

BBQ Buffet – 16 course


Mixed Garden Salad

Almond Jelly Longan (20 cups)

Fruit Punch

On The Grill (Raw)
Black Pepper Chicken Steak (20 pcs)
Black Pepper Sirloin Steak (20 pcs)
Sambal Dory Fillet wrapped in aluminium (20 pcs)
Butter Tiger Prawn on skewer (40 sticks)
Thai Style Sotong wrapped in aluminium foil (20 pcs)
Chicken Satay with peanut gravy (80 pcs)
Otah wrapped in coconut leaf (60 pcs)
Chicken Chipolata on skewer (40 pcs)
Sweet Potato wrapped in aluminium foil (10 pcs)
Medley of vegetable kebab (10 sticks)

Hot Food Spread
Fried Rice/Mee Goreng
Rendang Chicken with potatoes (20 pcs)
Crispy Chicken Nuggets with Tartar dip (40 pcs)

In The Package
1 bottle chilli sauce (340g)
1 Margarine (150g)
1 pkt Plastic Forks (50g)
1 pkt Plastic Spoon (50g)
1 pkt Paper Plates (50g)
1 pc BBQ Brush
2 pcs of BBQ Tongs (12 inch)
1 pkt Serviette (120g)
1 pkt Plastic Cups
1 pkt Large Trash Bag
1 pcs Big Wire Mesh (45 x 60cm)
2 pkts Charcoal (3kg per pkt)
1 pkt Fire Starter (10 pcs)
1 box Matches
1 pc Foam Box
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*The menu is exclusive to customers of D’Resort only.
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